Q1 : Why ABCS rate is slightly or always higher than others?

Answer : ABCS believe in offering highest quality of cleaning service to our customers on jobs accepted. We will not accept any jobs that we are unable to do our best and all our cleaners are well trained & competent in their works.


Q2 : Why do we need a Professional Post-renovation cleaning service compare to engaging part-time cleaner after renovation?

Answer : Professional Post-renovation cleaning is essential as there is dust circulating everywhere in the house & will settle down at all hidden places, this will cause health problem if the family members having asthma, coughing, sinus or other related sickness. Normal general cleaning do only general dusting, wiping, vacuuming which can only remove the dirt from general surface only. Also, if we can spend several hundred thousand on renovation works but reluctant to spend a little bit extra for a thorough professional cleaning service, it is totally unacceptable psychology.


Q3 : What is the difference between a professional post-renovation cleaning service & general cleaning service done by part-time maid / cleaner or normal general worker?

Answer : Normal general worker or part-time maid can’t do or haven’t been trained to do a very detailed & thorough post-renovation cleaning service. They will not remove paint stains, cement droppings, dust hidden inside the light truss, window / sliding door tracks, etc. They can only do general cleaning works like sweeping, mopping, wiping, rinse the bathrooms, etc. They may even use wrong cleaning chemical that may damage your stainless steel fittings if not properly supervised.


Q4 :  Why is important to engage a part-time cleaner from a trusted company?

Answer : A part-time maid / cleaner will be working at your home / office & you can’t monitor them closely throughout the whole duration when they are working there. You just can’t keep all the valuable items such cash, jewelleries, watches, camera, lap top, etc in the safe. ABCS only employ cleaners that are legal to work & have conducted thorough back ground screening before offer them the job. They are being constantly reminded of their duties & responsibilities when working at customer’s home or office.


Q5 : How to identify a reputable & trusted cleaning service company?

Answer : Many companies claimed they offer professional cleaning to customer but actually they only supply part-time maid or un-trained cleaners to do professional cleaning service. Many of these companies don’t even own an office or mostly operating from home. You may study their website thoroughly on jobs they have done, customer comments & refer leads.

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